Are you ready to take control of your
health and be empowered this Ramadan?

Fitra Nutrition is proud to present The Ramadan Nutrition Guide, 2nd Edition. 

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We’ve poured our heart and soul into this - collating the highest quality evidence-based information to bring you over 110 pages packed with all you need to know to optimise your health this Ramadan.

The Ramadan Nutrition Guide includes:

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Top foods to eat and what a well-balanced

Iftar plate should look like as well as foods to avoid in Ramadan and why

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​Updated simple, practical and healthy food swaps you can make to achieve optimal health in Ramadan

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How to tackle some of the common struggles we face during Ramadan such as dehydration, lack of concentration and tiredness, weight gain, heartburn, cravings, early satiety, caffeine withdrawal and more!

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With new sections on pregnancy and breastfeeding! 


A food shopping guide to help you navigate those supermarket aisles.

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 And if that wasn't enough, The Ramadan Nutrition Guide, 2nd edition, includes new recipes, over 30 delicious and easy recipes, for a healthy suhoor & iftar & dessert (of course!) to see you through the fasting days!



Sweet Potato & Chickpea Coconut Curry


Zesty Lime Avocado Salad


Baked Banana Oats

Coconut & Cacao Date Balls


Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

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 This new and improved version has an exclusive bonus for planning your meals.  Meal prep is an invaluable approach to make delicious, homemade food you’ll want to eat every day.



Grab your e-book copy now! 

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E-book Version

The Ramadan Nutrition Guide

- E-book Version


Here's what matters: what you told us

So don't just take our word for it - here's some of the feedback we received from our first edition:

Thank you for your Ramadan nutrition guide. Alhamdulillah it’s the most comprehensive and practical guide I’ve seen to date and so easy to follow. Being a pharmacist myself, yet I’m still impressed and look forward to utilising it. As i am becoming older sometimes I find fasting a little daunting but reading your ideas and guidance has given me positive energy and inspiration. May Allah accept you, your family and your endeavour to do good and help others, Ameen  


- Nasim

Purchased the 2019 edition 

Just to let you know I've recieved the books jazarkh allahu khair


I also want to say that the book is fantastic masha allah tabarakAllah and may allah reward you for your efforts insha allah


Its just what i was looking for as I struggle with foods - yours categorises them and helps in understanding them - the book is produced, presented and laid out in such a user friendly fashion masha allah - its brilliant


May allah reward you abundantly for this work and please keep my updated with any further work you do


jazakh allahu khair


- Abraham 

Purchased the 2019 edition 

Thanks for your great work. I was looking for something like this. May allah grant you with success for this project.  


- Salam

Purchased the 2019 edition   

Jazakallah for such a fantastic resource!!! Subhanallah. I am a GP in Birmingham who practices lifestyle medicine and have formed a wellbeing service which tried to educate on the matters that you have addressed.  


- Asfia 

Purchased the 2019 edition