Fitra Nutrition is proud to present: 

The Ramadan Nutrition Guide, 2nd Edition. 

After the phenomenal response we received last year with the first Ramadan Nutrition Guide, we listened to your feedback and comments to proudly bring you an updated and improved 2nd edition. 

We’ve poured our heart and soul into this - collating the highest quality evidence-based information to bring you over 100 pages packed with all you need to know to optimise your health this Ramadan.

The Ramadan Nutrition Guide, 2nd Edition includes:

  • What to eat and what to limit throughout the month.
  • What your iftar plate should look like.
  • How to combat common struggles you face during this month, such as dehydration, tiredness, heartburn and sweet cravings. 
  • New sections on pregnancy and breastfeeding in Ramadan. 
  • Updated simple food swaps you can easily implement to optimise your health. 
  • New and delicious healthy recipes bringing it to 30 delicious, healthy and easy recipes for suhoor, iftar, and dessert (of course!).
  • An exclusive bonus section for meal planning your Ramadan meals week by week.


The Ramadan Nutrition Guide

  • Please note, The Ramadan Nutrition Guide (Paperback version) is only available to UK customers due to COVID-19 delivery restrictions.

    For international orders, please click here for the e-book version.

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