Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Going to see a nutrition professional is not always the first and obvious place people think of when wanting to seek advice and help for health concerns. It's quite often a last resort, after many years of suffering. However, there is a growing amount of research and evidence that shows how issues like nutrient deficiencies, digestive disorders, inflammation, stress, hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances can play a significant role in our health.

What Is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a science-based, individual-centred approach to healthcare that employs assessment and intervention using nutritional, lifestyle-based and related health sciences in order to assist the individual to optimise his or her physiological, emotive, cognitive and physical function.

Addressing any underlying imbalances is the key focus of nutritional therapy, which in turn recognises that diet and lifestyle are among the factors that most profoundly influence it.

We are all unique and no one diet or health treatment programme will be suitable for everyone. That is why within this field, the nutrition professional will develop a personalised programme that targets your individual needs as opposed to a “one size fits all” type of programme merely based on your symptoms.

Nutrition therapy recognises that there are a range of external factors such as diet, medications, stress and toxins that affect each of us differently. Additionally, it also recognises that internal factors such as our experiences, attitude to life, our beliefs, and how we respond to stress can also have a profound effect on our health.

Wellbeing and good health are a consequence of achieving balance and homeostasis in the body.

How About Functional Testing?

Many clients opt to have functional laboratory tests to support their individual programme, which can provide further insight into nutritional status and/or biochemical imbalances. Cellular biochemistry investigations and functional analysis helps to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how body functions, enabling a more targeted and individualised therapeutic protocol. Retesting after a course of therapy is recommended to ensure the effectiveness of the health protocol and to allow for continuous adjustment of your maintenance protocol following your programme.

Is Nutritional Therapy Right For You?

  • Are you looking to incorporate nutrition and dietary changes to address a health concern?

  • Do you suffer from symptoms of ill-health?

  • Do you want to find out if you are getting all the nutrients you need?

  • Are you looking to optimise vitality and energy levels?

  • Are you looking to maximise your health as you age?

  • Are you keen to see how your diet can be improved to achieve your health goals?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then nutritional therapy may be for you!

Will Nutritional Therapy Work For My Condition?

All symptoms and diseases have a cause(s).

The nutritional therapy approach is designed to uncover and address the cause(s) of symptoms and disease for the given individual.

This requires looking beyond signs and symptoms to identify the fundamental imbalances in the body and what might be causing those imbalances. For this reason, it can be beneficial to anyone suffering chronic symptoms, whatever the diagnosis. Remember, two people with the same diagnosis might have different causes.


At Fitra Nutrition, our aim is to investigate the root cause of your symptoms through comprehensive medical history, functional testing, as well as understanding any environmental influences, which gives us the information we need to take the next steps in improving your health.

When developing a health programme for you, we will consider your health history, genetic predispositions, environmental inputs and physiological processes. Assessment includes the use of appropriate tests and observations, such as case history, anthropomorphic measurements, physical signs, laboratory tests, and nutrition/lifestyle analysis to determine an educational nutrition programme. Assessment also provides the basis for referral to a doctor, or other healthcare professional if necessary.

Before starting your journey with us, we offer a free 15 min discovery call. Our main focus at Fitra Nutrition is to help you create a plan that will work for you. During our conversation, we learn about your symptoms, challenges and health goals, to see how we can best support you. There are no obligations to book a consultation during the call.

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