4 Simple Ways To Smoothly Embrace Change

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

This post was written by a guest contributor, UK qualified CBT Therapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist. – Yasmen Ahmed.

Change is a scary word. Right?

You want to create a change in your life but there is something inside that is stopping you?

Or maybe you are faced with a change but an uneasy feeling begins to stir up in the pit of your stomach and the fear consumes you?

Trust me; I know exactly how it feels.

Any form of change whether it is personal or professional can be scary. Change can throw us off balance. Even a chosen change like starting a new healthy regime or a sudden change of job, relationship or circumstance can all be as daunting.

So how can we start embracing change?

1. Understand why we fear change

Fear is a natural part of our lives and is actually a good thing. Oh yes you read that right!

Why? Because fear is there to protect you.

Fear protects your body from danger.

It is important for your safety and is how humankind has survived this long. Fear is there to sharpen our focus to situations that might potentially hurt or harm us. Fear has one job which is to keep us safe.

So why are we fearful of change?

Change poses a threat to your survival. Your mind believes that by living, thinking and acting exactly the way you are now is the only way you can continue to survive seeing as it has kept you alive so far by doing so!

So when you try to change, your mind automatically sees this as a threat. By understanding this, you are in a position to reassure your mind that your survival is not being threatened by this change, so instead you can embrace change with a calmer mind.

2. Find the opportunity

I’m sure you have heard it all before ‘be positive’ or ‘look at the brighter side’.

Easier said than done right?

So allow me to reframe it a little differently for you.

Next time a change comes your way that feels scary or overwhelming....take a moment to imagine the best possible opportunity that could happen from this change?

Dig deep. Take your time and reflect. There will be an opportunity in every change you embark on. Choose to focus and believe that you can make this certain best opportunity a reality.

Begin to embrace new change with the end result already in mind.

3. Accept that change is inevitable

Are you exactly the same person you were 5 years ago? Or even a year ago?

That would be impossible right? Even looking at it from the physical side- your body and cells are constantly renewing, aging and changing. Look around you, the environment, technology, society and people. It all changes.

“The only thing constant is change” ~ Heraclitus

So what if we reframed the idea of change being a great opportunity for development?

Change is going to happen either way, so wouldn’t you be happier allowing change to work for you instead?

Being open, accepting and embracing change is crucial for your success, fulfilment and happiness.

4. Allow vulnerability BUT take action anyway

Let me let you into a little secret...

There is no one who is fearless. You are human. It is normal to be afraid. So breathe!

We can’t remove fear but we can learn to relate and manage it differently.

Give yourself permission to acknowledge and experience the fears that show up but take action anyway.

Take the necessary steps that will help you take action. This could be asking for more guidance, seeking mentors, support or reading up more on a certain topic or subject.


When you are faced with a change and the whispers of fear start to consume your mind...feel the fear AND jump in anyway.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” ~ Socrates

So what’s a change YOU are currently facing? What potential opportunity might it hold for you?


Yasmen Ahmed is a UK qualified CBT Therapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is the founder of Inspire With Yas; a heart - centered online platform for souls seeking more.  She believes everyone deserves emotional wellness, inner peace and light in their spirits. Her purpose is to inspire individuals to rekindle their light within in a world that can feel disconnected and dim. She is a self care advocate and takes an integrated approach to well-being supporting individuals towards becoming their best selves. Join the Inspire With Yas community on instagram and facebook and be inspired daily!


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