Fitra Nutrition is an educational platform and consulting service aimed to empower individuals to take control of their own health and embrace a healthy sustainable way of living.  


We offer health consulting services which are science-based and adopt an individual-centred approach to healthcare. This employs assessment and intervention using nutritional, lifestyle-based and related health sciences in order to help optimise your physiological, emotive, cognitive and physical function.

Through Fitra Nutrition’s blog, you will find informative articles that are grounded in science to empower you with the tools to choose the right balance nutritionally, and in lifestyle to support optimal health and wellness.


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We will empower you to achieve optimal health and wellness

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Fitra is the Arabic word for natural disposition: the natural condition of the human being. 


The ‘modern diet’ and the environment are creating an overwhelming personal, societal and economic burden on healthcare with escalating levels of chronic diseases.  Implementing preventative medicine; such as adjusting our nutrition and lifestyle, can be one of the sustainable ways to prevent and improve these diseases.